This website is a placeholder for a future global searchable guide on every gay bear week, weekend, cruise and vacation in the World!

What is a bear week?

"Bear week" is a term commonly used to describe a gathering of individuals who identify as bears or bear enthusiasts. In the gay community, the term "bear" is often used to refer to men who are typically hairy, have a larger body type, and embrace a more rugged and masculine appearance.

Bear weeks or weekends are usually organized events that take place in various locations, such as beach towns, where bears and their admirers gather to socialize, party, and participate in various activities, such as pool parties, bear runs, and other events. Their programmes can range from drinking at designated bars and some outdoor gatherings, to a crazy programme with dozens of leisure activities.

These events typically pose an opportunity for individuals to meet new people, make friends, and celebrate their shared interests and identities.

What other kinds of holidays are available for us?

Gay bears, like any other group of people, may enjoy a wide range of holidays and activities. However, there are certain types of holidays that are particularly popular among the bear community, apart from bear weeks. Some examples are: